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What People are Saying

And some words from our consumers...

"I have recently purchased a Chicken Salad Bowl from a retailer in Westoe, South Tyneside and it was superb. I travel for work regularly so experience the extremes of the prepared sandwich market all the time and tonight your company made me happy and no longer hungry!"

"I'm working away in the North East for a week and have become addicted to your Chicken Tikka Wraps, they are the best sandwich I have ever had and the Tikka flavouring is spot on. I hope you expand into the Midlands very soon because your products are excellent!"

"We really enjoyed your lightly done brown bread buns, we normally go for named brands but your buns were closer to hand in the store. We thoroughly enjoyed them with no gripes or complaints. We will definitely look for your brand next time!"

"The salad bowls are very good and great value!"

Absolutely fantastic sandwiches, really impressed with the range and prices!"

"The triangle sandwich is the best one, I get a decent variety to choose from each day but Cheese Ploughman has got to be my favourite!"

"Really cheap prices for the quality we get!"

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